May 19, 2024


3 min read

Being one of the top best online games nowadays, Defense of the Ancients (DotA) 2 have received a lot of recognition across the globe. From a game being played on LAN, i.e. Warcraft/The Frozen Throne, it has now been developed into a multiplayer online battle arena game. Thus, more players are becoming famous worldwide and the popularity of the game has increased quickly which paved a way for a lot of sponsorships and tournaments.

The continuing growth of the game has been considered a milestone for all its players because of the benefits it can give. DotA 2 now cannot anymore be considered as a mere game but as an official sport as well. It has actually debuted as a medal sport in SEA Games 2019 and will be featured as a medal event in the upcoming 2021 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. As a result, players now are more determined in achieving a high rank or to have an MMR boost to be acknowledged in the dota 2 scene. Some of the benefits that this game has provided are as follows.

Gave career opportunities to professional players

Since electronic sports are now considered an official sport, DotA 2 tournaments are therefore widened. From its local to international or minor to major tournaments. This gave a way for professional players to emerge and have their careers built while playing their favorite game. Prize pool in dota 2 tournaments also is not a joke because most of their major tournaments are ranging in millions of dollars especially with their annual “The International” that holds the highest prize pool in all MOBA games.

Can boost a player’s morale

Having a high rank means you are above them all. Your skills are above average therefore it makes you feel good about yourself. Most of the high-skilled players are even being considered an idol in the community which other players would treat with high respect. They are the ones on which low-tier players are looking up to and serve as an inspiration to aspiring professional players to work hard in achieving top rank.

Make you enjoy the game more

Playing in top-tier means you are one of the best. Thus, players would really enjoy the refuge they have because not all players are given the same opportunity. Top tier teams also find it challenging yet amusing to be in the highest rank because you get to know a lot of global professional players and be able to play with them. You can also test your capabilities and limitations in order to improve more.

Gain profit while having fun

Playing online games really gives you a lot of fun. But unlike other online games, dota 2 gives more of that pleasure thru generating tournaments. Online or LAN tournaments are widely offered by computer shops or gaming companies to showcase the skills of the players. Giving them a chance to shine and to get better opportunities out of their career. Most players who can play in tournaments are those with high ranks because they are mostly to be picked in a team. Thus, this would really boost the determination of every player because every gamer wants the same spot as the professionals.