April 22, 2024

Best Home Security Options in 2022 that Have Value For Money

4 min read

If you have a family to look after and also stay busy all the time, a home security system can make your life a lot easier. In today’s world, people are super busy and everything is getting technologically advanced. Since it has become easy to attack and rob houses that are not secure properly, you should consider changing your traditional home security to a smart security system for your home and you family’s safety.

Xfinity Home Security

In terms of the best home security options that are super secure, reliable, and have value for money, for us, Xfinity comes on top of the list. Powered by the xFi Gateway Xfinity allows you to customise and choose your own home security equipment. The xFi Gateway makes it work flawlessly and smoothly because it distributes signals equally throughout the house and comes with 24/7 tech support. Apart from that, the devices can be controlled from the Xfinity Home app. With the professional equipment, you can keep a look on your house via live feed and footage, and if the cameras detect motion, it immediately notifies you. Apart from the professional equipment and security system, Xfinity internet is super secure and ensures maximum security from cyber-attacks and threats. Also, if you get Xfinity internet you don’t have to worry about internet outside home because Xfinity provides its services in around 36 states and has over 20 million free Wi-Fi hotspots that are secure. So, even if you are out you get a secure internet connection. Xfinity Home Security is perfect if you get it along with the other services. It gives you maximum security, high-speed internet, and the bundle deals create value for money making it super reasonable.


SimpliSafe is a DIY home security system that is reliable, easy to install, and comes with complete professional equipment. The equipment includes cameras, sensors, and detectors, and the DIY system can be customized according to your requirement and affordability. It is also one of the best home security system and its alarm system has layers of security options, which will give you security even in the worst cases, in case of robberies attacks or anything. The sensors detect everything from motion to smoke, and the cameras give you 24/7 footage of the house, inside and out. Apart from all of this, the app also allows you to control and customize the security system. SimpliSafe is a good security system if you have a super-fast internet or a smart modem, apart from that it is has a great value for money in terms of the security options it gives you.

Ring Alarm Pro

Ring Alarm Pro is another DIY home security system that is easy to install and the basic starter plan is super affordable. The equipment that comes with the system is basic but it gets the job done, such as various sensors, and a keypad to arm or disarm the system. The equipment works with a very good internet connection, and also has cellular backup so even if the lights go out, your security system will keep working. If you want to upgrade your system you can always add up to your collection of smart security equipment but the current started pack also pretty much does the job. It is affordable and provides basic security. What creates value for money are Ring Alarm Pro’s cameras and video doorbell that give you footage as well as detects activity or threats for you. All cameras record in HD, and many outdoor ones are either battery powered, solar powered, or hardwired.

Vivint Smart Home Security and Alarm

This might come as a shock to people considering the high price but Vivint Smart home security and Alarm solves two problems that SimpliSafe or Ring Alarm Pro might not. The problems are low signal strength and bad integration. These two things either make smart home equipment best for you, or these make it a hassle. While Xfinity still comes on top of the list because it solves these two problems too, Vivint is also not a bad option if you have the money to invest. Well, apart from the top-notch integration, the equipment is also great and comes with an app to control it or with a tablet that comes with the equipment. The equipment has more options compared to the others but people often leave it only because they think it is overpriced. However, it has value for money because you get the compete connected package without having to go through the DIY hassle and having to buy a separate smart modem.

Compared to all the home security systems, the one that we think is best in terms of creating value for the money is Xfinity as it provides you home security, as well as internet security, is affordable and is also fast so the equipment communicate seamlessly.