July 16, 2024

Coping and living with deafness

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The management of hearing loss is not impossible, even though it might be challenging. A higher number of people will have access to appropriate hearing solutions and equipment as a result of the vast range of available therapies. Provided are some tips for coping with hearing loss:


People with hearing loss who don’t tell other people about it are more likely to feel lonely and depressed. It will be significantly easier for you to converse with people if they are aware of your hearing loss. When you share your story with others, it can help reduce feelings of shame and isolation, especially if they respond positively and provide their support.

Seek help.

On average, a senior seeks hearing loss treatment for the first time at age seven. Age-related hearing impairment is a serious concern. An audiologist will be able to identify the source of your hearing loss, pinpoint the exact site of the damage, and propose the most effective treatments. With technologically advanced hearing equipment like ear muffs, it is possible to regain the majority of your hearing.

Audiologists are trained to help people with hearing problems because they have spent years learning about the ear, the things that cause hearing loss, and the best ways to treat each. When it comes to getting used to life with hearing loss, working with an audiologist can be a huge help.

Join support groups

Hearing-impaired members of the community have access to an abundance of support organisations. As a result of the expansion of online forums and communities, it is no longer necessary to physically attend support group meetings. Hearing loss can result in a range of emotions, including despair, fury, and frustration; conversing with others who have encountered a similar situation can be beneficial.


Some people with hearing loss use lip-reading as a way to communicate, but this can be a very difficult process for the person. If you have a good pair of hearing aids, reading lips is not difficult. If you check what individuals are saying with their lips, you can verify what they are saying and gain confidence in your new hearing aids. Even though lip reading can be used in conjunction with hearing aids, it is not a substitute for the care a qualified medical professional can provide.

We interviewed a person living with deafness, and here are some insights shared:


How did you manage your hearing loss?

Over the past few years, I have gained a deeper appreciation for the significance of learning to read lips. Yet only a small percentage of people can sign, and the vast majority of people detest having to write anything down.

I often think about the problems I face in both my personal and professional lives, but I pay special attention to those that involve my family. This helps me keep my professional reputation, stay financially stable, and be happy. This helps me keep you happy as well. Having a disability is no longer synonymous, in my view, with a lack of bravery or timidity in today’s society. This is a tough and inconvenient thing to do. A heightened awareness of the importance of exercising caution is rapidly becoming the standard.

My goal is to locate a local support group where I can get together with other people who are going through the same thing I am, which is hearing loss.

When did you discover it?

When I was six years old, the settings of the hearing aid I wore were adjusted so that they better suited my requirements. This helped me hear better. I was suddenly able to pick up on sounds that had been absent before. There is no requirement for any more clarification at this time. That particular day, when the whistle of a teapot caught my attention, that came as quite a shock to me as an unexpected occurrence. It was challenging for me to get my head around the concept because of the dissonant tones. Since then, I’ve built up a tolerance for sounds that are both pleasurable and intolerable to my ears.

What did you change in your daily life habits?

The attempts of those who are closest to me to win my trust were unsuccessful. Unfortunately, I cannot communicate in American Sign Language. The vast majority of people who try to read someone else’s speech make mistakes. My most recent status check was performed when I was not online. I completely forgot to provide a few petty details in the explanation. My eldest three children have unanimously decided that they want to work in education once they reach maturity. I have never been an unattached adult, but I am doing so for the very first time now that I am married. Grab my arm or yell in my ear; both are generally acceptable forms of communication. Without music, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Can you describe the sounds made by children?

This will make it easier for you to see, but it will be more challenging for you to hear. You will not be prepared for this hazard, no matter how many visual warnings you see. A change of this magnitude has never been observed anywhere in the world before. It would have been challenging for me to accomplish some of my goals without the development that sign language has made to where it is today.

What kind of support helped you deal with it?

My choice to update to a smartphone has proven to be one that I am pretty happy with. With the help of a variety of smartphone applications, individuals who rely on hearing aids can better comprehend what people are saying to them. I might ask my family members time-sensitive questions using an application for taking notes, such as “Where is the cocoa?” and other such inquiries. Making use of a tool that can convert spoken words into text to improve conversational flow. Invest in a television equipped with subtitles for a hearing-impaired buddy of yours.

There is always the potential for one to perceive anything at all. Discover where a centre for the deaf is located in your area and visit it. They perform a crucial function. They will assist you with acquiring your licence plate in a manner that is convenient for you, even if you have difficulties hearing. Play that piece of music again and over again until it becomes intolerable. Don’t ignore the opportunities presented to you… Sadly, I did not develop the ability to appreciate music through my ears until much later in life. It appeared as though they were having a great time together.

Is it comfortable?

My audiogram shows that I have a significant and permanent hearing loss. Unfortunately, my doctors can’t do anything about it. It is possible that I could hear the sounds of a warplane if I were standing close to one, but this scenario is quite improbable. Why did I decide to use hearing aids if doing so was completely voluntary? Because of its 1,000-fold amplification effect, it is excellent for boosting the volume of background noise. Because I am concerned about the environment, I always make sure to wear it. The processing of speech is entirely another issue. The brain and the cochlea were where the focus was placed throughout the discussion.

I wasn’t able to figure out voice signals like frequency, pitch, and others because I was using auto-captions or other aids. The sounds appeared to me to be at a very high volume. You don’t hear people’s voices; rather, you hear the sounds of traffic. Hearing aids are ineffective for people who have a substantial loss of hearing in their ears. Individuals who have incurred losses ranging from modest to severe may be able to profit from them.