June 14, 2024

Getting your Rural Business off the Ground

2 min read

Being a business owner in the countryside can always lead to a unique set of challenges. With that being said, there are also considerable benefits to rural business as well as rural living. Some of these benefits include cheaper rates for land and the solitude that is associated with rural living. After all, a lot of people tend to prefer the peacefulness of nature as opposed to the hustle and bustle of the city.

With that being said, the challenges that come with business in rural areas are often hard to foresee and sometimes hard to overcome. Here are some tips that you should take into consideration if you want to make sure that your rural business can be successful.

  • Internet speeds: If you’re living in a rural area, then you probably already know how much slower internet speeds tend to be than in the cities. That isn’t necessarily a problem if all you need it for is to make sure that your business’ social media accounts are constantly updated. However, some businesses require much faster internet speeds than that. Good broadband in the area is what most businesses would prefer, and that is something that you’ll find in some UK rural areas. As such, if you are flexible when it comes to which rural area you will locate to, you might want to keep the broadband speeds in mind,
  • Infrastructure and transport links: This is something else that is extremely important for you to keep in mind. If roads are slow to navigate and in some cases, not paved, then you’re likely going to be paying through the roof for your deliveries. If your business project is something big, then you might be able to convince your managers to commission a road – that could be an investment worth making. If that’s not the case, then, unfortunately, you might have to consider relocating to somewhere with better infrastructure. On the other hand, you also want to be looking at transport links. This is especially important if you’re looking to rely on employees that live elsewhere.
  • Talk to a professional: As you can tell from the two previous sections, your individual context matters when it comes to giving accurate business advice. That’s why, instead of relying on articles on the internet to make your mind up, you should talk to a professional in the area, such as Mark Lumsdon Taylor, who specialises in rural areas when it comes to business consultancy.
  • Local support: Being away from a city might make you assume that networking is hard, and networking can often be essential when it comes to successful business. Do not despair, as living in a rural community probably means that society will be much more close-knit, meaning that you’ll often be able to get local support in your business endeavours.