May 19, 2024

Nickel alloy Sheet grades

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Nickel Sheet is the shape and type of nickel alloy materials. Nickel alloy materials are available in different forms and shapes. Sheets are easier to manufacture and store. Since the sheets are produced in standard sizes, they are also easier for transportation to be processed. There are different grades of nickel alloys that correspond to various mechanical, magnetic and electrical properties of the material. Therefore the nickel sheet can come in different grades as well. The grading helps the purchasers and suppliers alike to figure out what type is needed based on the requirements. There are different grade specifications such as the 200, 201, 205 and the 205LC.

The type 200 is a pure nickel material. Its composition has other elements as well but the nickel content is more than 99%. The 201 grade is a lower carbon version of the 200. In the same way, the 205 grade has a lower carbon version of 205LC. The lower carbon content helps the material to form less carbide during welding. This in turn reduces intergranular corrosion.

When using pure nickel material, the Pure Nickel Strips could be used to fill in welding gaps. The strips possess the same mechanical properties except they are small and can be used comfortably with other types of materials. The most used pure nickel strip is the type 200. The nickel 200 strip prices are convenient to go with the pure nickel sheets. The applications of nickel alloys are various. They range from construction structure to aerospace components.