June 14, 2024

Security Tips for Small Businesses

3 min read

When you start considering security for a business of any size, you are soon drawn into a broad topic with many different things to consider. Not least the many different types of business security there actually is.

When we talk about business security, we could be talking about the security of inventory, stock, and deliveries; we could be talking cyber security and the threat of data theft; and we could also be talking about simple safety for employees and customers. One thing does not change though, and that is security should make up a large part of any company’s budget.

The issue of scale, however, is of course also important. Generally, with businesses, security should be scaled up as the company grows. When they company is small, resources for security are limited but the threats are also less significant. When a company expands operations, it is the other way around.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that a small company should not take seriously the security of its inventory, data, premises, and employees. The threats are normally less significant for small companies, but criminals are well aware that these are the companies with the most limited security resources, and so the threats are far from insignificant.

As mentioned, security for a business needs to be split up into distinct categories. To give a brief overview of what type of security requirements a small company should have, it’s wise to look at each of these categories in turn.

Cyber Security

Given that the majority of small companies today are in fact ecommerce ventures, cyber security has become a major priority. One of the things that can sink a company completely is if it gets a reputation for not conducting a secure check-out which keeps customer’s details safe. This, at any rate, is the bear minimum in cyber security that a small company should offer.

Beyond this, there is also the matter of employee conduct. Company data can be valuable to criminals for all sorts of reasons; it is not just a matter of stealing a customer’s credit card details. Employees should know about how to keep safe when connecting to public or private networks. Any company network should have security software installed.

Inventory/Cargo Security

Theft of inventory can be disastrous for a small company, and security for goods involves many different things. For one thing, inventory needs to be tracked wherever it goes, and special care should be taken when it is being switched from vehicle to vehicle at regional distribution centers. Furthermore, the last mile delivery of cargo should also include a few safety features to ensure it does not go missing before it gets to the customer’s door.

Another vital aspect of inventory security is the physical security of cargo as it is transported. Cam strap producers Rollercam recommend that the proper cam locking straps and anchors are used to stop cargo moving around in transit. Tips like also packing it in tightly (less room to move around) as well as ensuring that each item is tracked are also vital – regardless of the size of the company.

Company Safety

Another important aspect of company security is the safety of everyone that comes into contact with the company at any particular time. This means a good fire safety infrastructure at your business premises (if you have them) as well as several safety measures to protect customers when they enter your store. Online, this should also be a consideration as you need to make sure your packaging is safe to handle.

Company security should be a big part of your budget, and limited resources are no excuse for shirking it.