June 14, 2024

Staying Connected

2 min read

One of the challenges in a mobile society is staying connected with loved ones and friends when you live far away from one another. Thank goodness the days of long, handwritten letters sent by Pony Express are long gone. You can still choose to write a letter and send it by traditional mail, of course. That’s actually a very special thing to consider doing. Your loved one will have your words in your handwriting that you took time to write and send. You’ll make that person feel very special if you take the time to do that.  Of course, you could also use all the technology at your disposal.

Spending Time Together

The idea of spending time together when you’re miles apart may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s not. Well, it’s not if you plan accordingly. You can use home-based video conferencing software to have activities together. Grandparents can read to their grandchildren. You and your significant other can order the same kind of take-out and eat it together by candlelight as you have a romantic virtual date night. Your whole family could stream the same film together for family movie night. Moms and daughters can have spa nights. You’re only limited by your imagination and planning skills.

Online Platforms

Facebook gets a lot of press for being the place to connect with others. It’s not, however, the only platform out there where you can link up with people. If you’re a service member or veteran and you’re looking to connect with other service members or veterans, you could sign up on a site called Rally Point. Not just for connection, but also to help people find mentors, peer counselors and employment, Rally Point is not for civilians. If you need to communicate with a loved one in prison, you could try a service like Pigeon.ly. This site also provides services in addition to basic connection.

Technology makes it easier to stay connected over distances in the modern age.