June 14, 2024

Easily Convert, And Edit Pdf Files Online

3 min read

It is often a difficult task to edit pdfs, even when it’s done on the desktop, editing is always hectic and tiring, but what to do when you have to do the same thing online? Finding the right website is a huge task. And who has this much time to search in Google and then put the file to edit, right?

Therefore, to make your work a bit easier, this online website called pdfsimpli.com started their website to allow their customers to edit their pdf as well as to convert it into different file modes like word file or even you can convert any of your word files back to pdf as well using their website’s feature.

Different edit options that are available on their website:

  • The very first has to be the option to edit pdf online.
  • The second option available is to convert that pdf file to word.
  • The third option is to convert it back to pdf form from a word file.
  • The fourth option includes the converting of pdf to jpg format, i.e., to the picture format.
  • The fifth option is the reverse of the fourth, i.e., converting the jpg form back to pdf.
  • The sixth option includes converting the pdf file to png format.
  • And the seventh option is just the reverse of the sixth, which means it allows you to convert your file’s png format into pdf.
  • Eight option allows you to convert your tiff folder to a pdf form.
  • Whereas the ninth option allows you to convert your PowerPoint presentation to pdf format.
  • The tenth option includes converting an excel file to pdf file.
  • While the eleventh option is quite different from the existing ones and allows you to split your pdf into two separate pdfs.
  • The twelfth option is just the eleventh reverse that allows you to merge two separate pdf files into one.
  • The thirteenth option is the most used option among the users, as it allows the users to compress the pdf files and it works mostly when you need to send those pdf files via mail and it won’t allow you since it is a large file, therefore, in that case, this option often becomes handy.
  • The fourteenth option helps when you need to add any watermark to your pdf.
  • The fifteenth option allows you to change your pdf’s alignment, meaning you can rotate the pdf as per your choice.
  • The sixteenth and the last option helps when you want to sign some pdf, mostly the agreement paper related pdfs, you can do them easily with the help of this edit pdf online option given by this website.

And for your satisfaction, this website has also been given four stars by ‘Trustpilot’ to maintain the quality of the website and give out the good facility to edit pdf online. Also, to mention, their software is always up to date, so you won’t have to think if that format would support your windows or not.