June 14, 2024

Peter Loftin is Not Only An Ambitious Businessman But Also Praiseworthy Philanthropist

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One of the most famous telecom entrepreneurs of America, Peter Loftin established BTI (Business Telecom Inc) just at the age of twenty-five in 1983. Soon, he transformed it into a multimillion-dollar company and it got merged with Deltacom later. BTI achieved many successes; in 1999, New Paradigm Resources had ranked it seventh among competitive local exchange carriers at national level. The company was always among the top fifteen telecom companies of the country.

Peter Loftin has always been an ambitious businessman and he believes in taking new initiatives from time to time. He does not hesitate from taking risk in business. In year 2016, he founded the largest distillery for whiskey in USA. He keeps on moving further and investing in different projects. The zeal of growing as a businessman and seeking new changes is always alive within him. And surprisingly, he never inherited any business, his father was a war veteran and mother a school teacher. He started everything on his own and fought all odds to become a big name.

Peter Cares for Social Issues Like Health, Youth and Poverty

Recognitions, applauds and rewards have always followed Peter Loftin. Some titles like Entrepreneur of the Year, Corporate Citizen of the Year and others are in his name. Wherever he goes and invests, he surely gets respect. His humble nature is a great example of someone who has everything and still behaves well with others.

Peter cares for the health issues of people in the country. He has donated to health centres and still advocates good health of all. He donates to museums, art centres and many other centres. Charitable bent was always there in Peter’s heart even when he was not an entrepreneur. When he was just 20 years old, he started an initiative called Coats for Kids. Through this initiative, Peter Loftin donated winter clothes to underprivileged kids who did not have proper clothes for enduring the weather. Common people extended their support for this initiation.

Peter Loftin cares for the youth and for providing support to the same, he donated to Oak Ranch Facility, which provides suitable atmosphere to youth to fight the challenges of life. He is the co-chairman of Miami annual fundraising drive and also contributor to Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Peter Loftin is Among the Patriotic Businessmen of USA

Very few businessmen do have a big heart for the society and country. Peter Loftin is one of them and he considers every sensitive issue in the country as important. He has developed a counter-terrorism centre for providing consultation to people regarding how to deal with terrorism. Also, he sent significant relief help after the WTC attack. He keeps on sending relief and help to any areas affected by natural calamities. After Hurricane Floyd had destructed the eastern region of North Carolina, Peter Loftin sent water, ice, diapers and many truckloads of supplies to the affected location. He never steps back in helping the society and the country.