June 14, 2024

Popularity of IPTV

3 min read

IPTV is becoming popular among TV viewers because of many reasons:

Ease of use:

  • IPTV is very easy to install as it does not require additional dedicated devices like traditional satellite TV uses devices like dish etc to watch TV.
  • Since there are no additional dedicated devices so it reduces or negates any additional device maintenance or device replacement time and costs for general TV viewers as is required by traditional satellite TV or dish or cable TV systems.
  • IPTV can be used with wireless and wired connections to TVs, though it is generally advised to use wired connection with TVs for high quality TV viewing.
  • TV viewers can comfortably watch IPTV streaming contents with high speed Internet and online user account with IPTV app. 


  • The greatest advantage that IPTV providersprovide to its users/viewers is that IPTV can be used on various devices connected to high speed Internet. This is not possible with traditional satellite TV or cable TV systems.
  • A user can use one IPTV account to watch TV on devices while travelling though quality depends upon uninterrupted high speed internet connection. This drives the high demand of IPTV growth among users especially young viewers.
  • A viewer can simultaneously watch IPTV on more than one device but IPTV providers as a business policy have regulated numbers of devices on which IPTV can be watched simultaneously with one IPTV user account.IPTV is cost effective

Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming common among masses because people are very dependent on Internet and services relying on the Internet offered to people. IPTV become cost effective option because of following reasons:

            Optimum use of IPTV

  • A user can optimally use his/her IPTV because s/he can watch IPTV anytime irrespective of him/her being at home physically close to TV. In traditional satellite/ dish/cable TV systems, a user has to be at his/her home or physically close to TV to watch TV.
  • A user has to take individual or additional subscription/connection for individual TV sets irrespective of how frequently s/he watches. A user has to pay for individual subscription for individual TVs which substantially increases the overall cost of TV viewing.
  • In traditional satellite/cable/dish TV systems, users have to buy equipments like setup boxes etc for individual TVs whereas they don’t have to do the same in case of IPTV subscription.
  • Whereas, with IPTV a user can use one IPTV account to watch TV on one TV set or other TV sets by using downloadable IPTV app.
  • The Internet equipment and data costs are reducing worldwide which also reduces the overall costs of IPTV viewing.

Optimum use of internet:

  • These days Internet is widely used for multiple purposes at many households and hence households use high speed Internet connection for various purposes and transactions.
  • The same high speed Internet can also be used for IPTV simultaneously which allows optimum use of Internet packages that users have subscribed to and paying for.
  • Users or IPTV viewers donot have to purchase additional equipments to access high speed Internet. They can use the same high speed Internet equipments for IPTV watching and other Internet uses.