July 16, 2024

Virtual Agm Singapore, An Online Meeting Platform For Everyone

2 min read

Virtual AGM is an online platform that provides a platform for any organization for an online meeting. The not only organization, even employees, any directors of the companies or even the stakeholders can do the online meeting through these online platforms, or you can lean on a meeting coaching tool for help.

Features of virtual AGM

There are different features of Virtual AGM Singapore

Some options help you to register here and invite others to your meeting.

  • You get a feature of online voting and online polling on different matters.
  • You get the feature of streaming videos, and you can easily manage content.
  • You get a feature to engage with your users and several Q&A.
  • You will receive a notification and reminders of your scheduled meetings.
  • You get a facility to manage your employees’ attendance in meetings, and you can even audit users.
  • You get a feature of managing live events and future events that are going to be organized.

Things to sum up

These virtual AGM platforms are highly secured and reduce the risk of manipulation of data. There are several virtual AGM platforms available. Some of them are free, and some of them are paid, but the common thing among all the platforms is that all these platforms work on the same principles. The only difference in these available platforms is that each platform can have some additional features. Virtual AGM in Singapore is getting famous in this COVID situation. Everyone was advised not to stay in groups at any place. Due to this condition, the offices were closed for several months or nearly about a year, but the organization could not bear this close in their work. The companies started to appoint their employees to work from home. Employees during work from home could not meet other employees and directors directly, so they all started using these online platforms for an online meeting.