May 19, 2024

No Scalpel Vasectomy Near Me – Reasons For Looking At Having a Vasectomy

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There are tends of thousands of men each and every year who decide to undergo the very simple and efficient procedure of a vasectomy. In fact there is a clinic which offers the no scalpel vasectomy near me, which does a great  number of these vasectomies each and every year. I wanted to find out more about what the reasons were behind so many men having this procedure carried out, and so I spent some time at the surgery, speaking with the team there. If this is something which has crossed your mind before, here are the main reasons why men look to have a vasectomy.

The No Scalpel Method

Firstly let’s take a look at the reason why this procedure is so simple to carry out and so efficient, the no scalpel method. In the past doctors would rely on the scalpel method to sever the vas deferens, a small tube which carries sperm to the testes. This however was completely replaced by laser surgery in the late 80s, and this is now the industry standard. This method ensures a quicker operation, a more hygienic procedure and one which is easier to recover from and less painful.

Offering The Very Best Birth Control

Some medical experts refer to vasectomies as offering the best birth control known to man, and this is because the chances of getting pregnant after the procedure are so incredibly slim. This is the main reason why people will look to have this operation carried out, because they are finished with their family plans, and they don’t want to run the risk of any mistakes happening.

Easy Operation

Because of how easy this operation is, many men wish to have it done once they have decided that they do not want any more children. The procedure itself is relatively pain free and is conducted under local anesthetic, the recovery is minimal and that again is what makes it so attractive to men.

No Sexual Health Risks

For a number of years there was something of confusion around vasectomies and the myth that they negatively impacted sexual health or performance. The reality however is that this procedure makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. The more people that are aware of this, the. More popular the vasectomy becomes.

Reducing The Burden On Your Partner

For so many women who take birth control they run into a number of problems as a result. This can impact their hormonal balance and cause them issues around mood, energy levels and their ability to deal with stress. Condoms are a good option of course but they only provide 84% efficacy, which isn’t high enough for most people. The perfect option therefore, in order to ensure birth control without it becoming a burden for your partner is to have the vasectomy, which makes life easier for you both.

These are the most common reasons why so many men will look to undergo this procedure.